Sango Coral Life

  • Filters your tap water 100% naturally

  • Alkalizes to help rid your body of excess acid

  • Adds essential trace minerals that are easily absorbed by your cells

  • Ionizes your drinking water for true hydration

Just wanted to share that my indigestion is GONE! After using two sachets a day in my water for approximately one week, I am happy to say I can eat my pepperoni pizza again with ZERO guilt! Thanks for this product!

Julie M

I didn’t realize how important being hydrated was. Since using my Sango Coral Life mineral sachets, my energy level is so much better! If I skip days using this product, I feel tired and as if I need a nap, Would not go a day without it!

Melissa T

I had tried everything to help with the eczema on my ankles for years. I even tried prescriptions from my doctor. After I began using Sango Coral Life, I first noticed the itching disappeared. Shortly after that the rashes began to fade. I am one happy girl!

Marilyn R